Zinc Free AREDS II 1 Month (60 Count) (by Visual Advantage)

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If you have age-related macular degeneration (AMD), of the “wet” or neovascular type, and notice that your straight-ahead vision is degrading, faces are harder to identify, driving is precarious, and other daily tasks are getting more and more difficult, don’t wait until it is too late. Our AREDS II formula is made in an FDA inspected facility in the United States. We use vigorous testing and quality assurance to make sure that you’re getting pharmaceutical grade supplements.

The groundbreaking AREDS study showed that while macular degeneration can’t be stopped, you can take definite steps to save the vision you do have. The original AREDS study showed that with the right combination of supplements, you could reduce the progression of AMD by 25%. The AREDS II study did even better.

AREDS II has lutein and zeaxanthin to further reduce the spread of macular degeneration, while the beta carotene found in the original AREDS formula has been removed because it slows the absorption of the lutein and zeaxanthin. Some people can’t have zinc supplements due to their genetics or other factors. Zinc Free AREDS II provides many of the benefits of the AREDS II formula, but without the zinc for those that need it.