Tranquileyes xl® Advanced Kit with Beads and Instant (by Tranquileyes)

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Recommended for patients with Evaporative Dry Eye (MGD), Blepharitis, or Ocular Allergies.

The patented tranquileyes xl® Advanced Kit (Black) is perfect for those who require a little more time in relieving their eye conditions, with each treatment lasting up to 25 minutes. The goggles also cover 30% more area than our original tranquileyes®, so you get a comprehensive solution. Studies have shown that controlled temperature and humidity are essential for immediate and long-term relief from dry eye, and our XL Advanced Kits deliver both to an industry-leading standard.

Our XL Advanced Kits come with two gel pack technologies:

    The self-heating blue Instants, which offer longer treatments and up to 100 uses.
    The microwavable green Beads, perfect for cold therapies and those on the go (60 uses).

    How does the XL Advanced Kit work? Simple. Both gel technologies combine with warm water to help loosen critical oils from the eyelids. This stabilizes the tear film, slowing evaporation while hydrating the skin around your eyes.

    The system is also great for reducing eye irritation and puffiness. Just freeze the gel packs, then wear as normal for a cold therapy that's as simple as it is effective.

 included in the kit:

    One set of tranquileyes xl® (in color of choice)
    One set of XL blue Instants thermoeyes™
    One set of XL thermopads for use with Instant thermoeyes™
    One set of XL green Beads
    One set of XL pockets for Beads
    One XL mesh bag for drying